We’ve Built a Platform to Harvest the Next Great Thing(s)

By: Thomas Addaquay  |  April 23, 2018  |    |  0

Green X Prize is designed to address two admittedly ambitious and lucrative objectives. 

First, the creation and affirmation of a new paradigm is establishing the clear link between building business and personal wealth with social and environmental responsibility. The natural synergies of Green Business will maximize the future profitability of both.

Second, building a platform bringing savvy investors together with the creators of the next great thing before it becomes the next great thing. As the old saying so aptly reminds us, timing is everything. We seek to be in the right place, at the right time, and be there first.

Throughout history, America’s growth and cultural capacity to create wealth has time and time again redefined what we believe is possible. Today, we see one great economic driver as the key today to competing in – and winning – the future’s richest markets.


Innovation and a Historical Perspective

It’s seen throughout history. From the Industrial Revolution to rising out of the financial ashes of the Depression; World Wars to nation-building forays in Southeast Asia and the Middle East; our recent recovery from the economic meltdown to coping with the rise of China, innovation has always been what has charted our path to the next era of prosperity.

And today it is a truly transformative, more powerful than ever driver of change and profit.

Properly nurtured, Green X Prize offers a rare opportunity to match ideas with investors.  We believe it is possible to serve the greater good and achieve unheard of ROI as we do.

Proven historically by new ideas reengineering the competitive landscape, creating new markets, and recalibrating what we believed possible. Consider just a few examples.

The spinning jenny, the cotton gin and the rise of fossil fuel engines in the 19th Century; in the early 20th Century FDR’s courage to rewrite the rules and reengineering America while simultaneously delivering Social Security, the Federal Reserve and prosecuting wars; and in the latter decades of the 20th Century, wholly new technologies that changed how we do everything and putting computing power once housed in a warehouse in our hands.

Innovation that Unleashes Opportunity

For visionary investors the challenges are to optimally identify opportunity and to navigate globally changing markets while harvesting them with old school best practices that assure success.  Doing it requires strategies that don’t look for the future in the rear-view mirror.

For future opportunities to be seized, new realities must be understood and accepted. As an example, China’s rise reflects commitment, investment and calculated risk.  Their modern $4 trillion-dollar Silk Road, an ambitious, innovative network of disparate projects linked by national vision, also features willingness to adjust.  Once the world’s worst polluter, they are now transitioning to environmental trailblazer – seeing both the value and profit in it.

Ideology notwithstanding, during a time of 7% annualized growth and peace at home, the installation of Xi as president for life is central to China’s strategy to eclipse the US as the world’s greatest economic power. Beyond ideology, it’s both prudent and opportunistic.

Innovation Bringing Profit and Green Together

Welcome to the Green X Prize – www.greenxprize.com

The platform is the actualization of the vision inspiring our foundational memoir, Go Green, Get Rich.  Combining historical perspective and the belief that innovation and sustainability should be at the heart of assessing investment opportunity and cornerstones of policy. Calls to combat climate change may fall upon politically deaf ears, but the ROI surely won’t.

The future belongs to the trendsetters.  Many will go above the limitations of the law while operating within the spirit of it. Others will challenge the status quo and see the profit in doing what’s right.  As an example, when Ralph Nader shocked the automotive industry with a vision for safety, he didn’t kill the car business; he ensured its ever-brighter future.

We seek to pair ethical venture capitalists with visionary innovators. Giving innovators a dynamic platform to post projects, where interested members vote them up and down, and reward them. Offering investors first access to the best and potentially the most profitable ideas.  Early access aligned with vetted, like-minded investors that understand how Green is not merely good for the planet but is also good business that will sustain the future.

Distinguishing us and all we envision, is a more balanced, sustainable and Green approach. The belief that profit need not come at the wholesale destruction of the greater good, profit need not be corporate speak for greed and exploitation, and that social responsibility can assure, ignite and protect future markets, it doesn’t have to restrict them.


The Green X Prize Team


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