President Trump Reshaping American Foreign Policy

By: Thomas Addaquay  |  January 24, 2018  |    |  3

In a series of tweets explaining the administration’s position on withholding aid to Pakistan, President Donald J Trump ironically took a page from our foundational memoir Go Green, Get Rich. Below is an excerpt followed by tweets from POTUS.

The excerpt begins with an analysis of how dependence upon foreign oil makes for shaky, unstable relationships. We’re walking a fine line where foreign aid becomes a form of nuclear ransom paid to Pakistan, where we’ll never get our money’s worth and Green Policy is ignored and forgotten. Our platform not only brings Green to the forefront, it creates a medium for innovation and rewards for the projects voted on by our members.

We have maintained in previous commentaries that the path to holistic, sustainable growth and development relies less on government assisted programs and more on inspired people. Much like the growth of the IT industry during the 80s and 90s, we propose innovation-incubators in an inspired capitalist environment for the “Green Space” where innovation is sought, supported and rewarded is the Green X Prize solution.

Environmental enthusiasts often argue, and rightly so, that the threat of climate change poses an existential threat to mankind, while opponents use the capitalist framework as a denial mechanism; arguing that the threats posed by environmental degradation should be solved with market capitalist tools. Despite cogent arguments on both sides, we firmly support the private sector taking the lead on innovative “greening” initiatives and have no problem with them earning a buck pursuing a passion. We’ve long embraced that at Innovation, Green and Capitalism can thrive together synergistically and benefit the greater good.

Our goal isn’t to support or defend any single policy, but to create an enabling environment and platform where Green ideals, including sustainability-powered innovations, can thrive. Mindful of how politics so often discourages future generations’ desire and inclination to support sustainable causes, let’s be clear:
Future generations will become custodians and purveyors of “truth” as previous generations have from Aristotle to Thomas Edison. Their challenge is refusing to allow cultural or political differences to prevent discovering solutions to these problems. We’ve created a platform to share your inspiration. Follow the conversation at!

We encourage the young and young at heart from all over the world to join our quest to save the Earth, our only home. We welcome ideas and innovations from any discipline whose goal is reducing our net carbon footprint; especially ideas to help from falling over the existential fence. No limits; your idea can be a radical political or management departure from the old or an invention that could minimize the socio-economic impact of displaced workers by the automated economy.

There are no restrictions and your peers will decide who wins the monthly reward. Our movement is passionate but politically neutral, unencumbered by any special interests, but fueled by grassroots support by the people and for the people.

President Trump stated in previous comments regarding climate change/global warming that “he was looking into it....” Given his pragmatic stance on most policy issues, we could infer through his numerous subtexts that the administration’s climate change position will be informed by the “bottom-line.” In other words, “if it doesn’t make dollars; it doesn't make sense”. Green X Prize will attempt to fill some of the void left by the current US administration’s stance on climate change with its subsequent withdrawal from the Paris accord.

To that end, Green X Prize seeks to “uberize” the green venture capitalist space by decentralizing our rewards program on a granular level: “of the people, by the people”. We seek support in our worthy cause(s) and urge you to order a copy of Go Green, Get Rich.

Join us online where you can vote for your favorite green innovation projects, discuss with liked-minded sustainable enthusiasts, post your own project, and most importantly, improve your chances of winning $10,000 by February 28th and beyond.

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