We believe the greater good matters and thank you for your consideration. Helping to sponsor the Green X Prize says a lot about you. By sponsoring an innovative solution and looking past self-interest, we can take an important step towards a more sustainable, healthier planet for all future generations.

Because sponsorship makes a personal statement we invite you to identify a project you believe in. Helping bring it to fruition delivers many benefits, but none is more satisfying than knowing the important role you played; moving forward as part of a community dedicated to a brighter future for all of us.

Yet, for Green X Prize sponsors, doing the right thing is also smart business.

  • - Become part of a powerful, new worldwide community
  • - Connect and network with entrepreneurs and innovators
  • - Your brand will be featured in many ways
  • - Banners, promotional materials and high-profile exposure
  • - Make a difference and push social responsibility forward

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