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Around the world people see the need for socially conscious change, but entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas
have lacked a way to share their ideas. No longer. Our platform enables sharing great ideas that benefit
communities and generates profits for public, private and corporate investors. Join us!
Friendly competition and reward for your innovation.

We’re Challenging the Status Quo

A forum that welcomes independent thinkers that know we have found a better way. Their commitment to sustainable products and services exposes a better way for all. Green X members come from all walks of life, and believe that together we can identify solutions and make a fundamental difference.
Because the Greater Good can triumph over self-interest.

By Retooling the Economic System

Our belief is that capitalism and financial freedom need not require blind self-interest that ignores the challenges of the world community. We envision a more balanced and fair economic model that sees beyond self-interest and individual gain benefits us all, rich or poor, wherever we may live.

The Green X Prize fosters greater financial freedom.

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All aspiring entrepreneurs are invited to join the Green X community. The prizes for the winners of our monthly competitions are funded by your tax-deductible donations, sponsorships and sales of Go Green, Get Rich, and selected openly and transparently by members like you, to inspire more innovation and green, sustainable products and ideas.
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